Farm Hand for a Day – an event organized by ZYNG

IMG_20160522_114057521_HDRZYNG had organised a visit to ‘The Probably Paradise Animal Shelter’, Karjat on Sunday, 22nd May 16. It’s an initiative started by a Zoro philanthropist, Roxanne Davur.

The Probably Paradise Trust and Shelter is at Takve Village near Karjat in Maharashtra.

Roxanne Davur, Master Trainer in Animal Welfare, Govt Of India 2001, has been into working and rescuing animals for many years.
The aim and goal is to give a safe haven to aged, injured and handicapped animals. To impart Education as well as encourage compassion and respect towards all living beings and their environment.

IMG_20160522_143056021The Shelter is home to over 100 animals including Dogs, Cats, Horses, Donkeys, Pigs, Cows and an array of other permanent and temporary residents.
While some funds have been raised and a new shed built for the large animals, the number of animals coming in vastly outnumbers the adoptees.
Need of the hour is the ability to pay bills, salaries, purchase feed, build sheds and make additions and improvements to existing infrastructure, water tanks, storage bins and most importantly medical supplies.

Animal lovers of all ages gathered at Cusrow and Bharucha baug at 7 am for the trip. In all 62 enthusiasts took the trip. On a hot summer morning things soon settled down after breakfast consisting of omelette and cheese and chutney sandwiches was served on the Bus.
We reached the shelter around 10 am. Roxanne gave us a detailed intro on the shelter and the activities. People were introduced to the dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, bulls much to the people’s delight.

IMG-20160526-WA0017This was followed by a talk by Roxanne about dos and don’ts of handling animals, laws against animal abuse, Rabies prevention etc. After the talk people were free to explore the shelter and spend time/play with animals.

A simple veg lunch was served after which the young ones and the young at heart headed towards a stream nearby. It was a very cool and a welcoming change from the blistering afternoon heat. After a thoroughly enjoyable time at the stream and a soothing cup of nilgiri tea we bid adieu to the shelter.

This kind of a trip was conceptualised and organized for the first time by the ZYNG team.

IMG_20160522_110452107The objective of this trip was to raise awareness about this shelter amongst our community members and to give our community members a firsthand experience of an animal shelter. It was an eye opener for most of them. Donations in cash and cheques were promptly done by many and we hope as the awareness spreads, support for this shelter only increases. People wanting to know more or desiring to donate may reach out to Roxanne on or on 9623081987.

Zyng would like to thank Roxanne and all at the Probably Paradise Animal shelter for their hospitality and to all the enthusiasts who gave their time to this worthy cause by making taking this trip.

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