I’ll never date anyone from the industry, Amyra Dastur

1She is yet to taste success in Bollywood, but young starlet Amyra Dastur is already going places. She will soon be seen opposite international action superstar Jackie Chan in the upcoming international film Kung Fu Yoga and the 23-year-old model-turned-actress couldn’t seem to stop raving about it. We caught up with her ahead of the film’s release to get some inside details on Jackie and what’s lined up for her in Bollywood.



How was the experience of shooting Kung Fu Yoga with Jackie Chan?
I am feeling quite sad that the shoot is over now. I started shooting in December 2015 and I was with them for about six months. The experience was incredible. I haven’t travelled as much for any film like this one. I travelled to Beijing, Iceland, Jaipur and Jodhpur for the film.

What is the film about? Is it something along the lines of a reincarnation story?
It has nothing to do with reincarnation. It is based on history. The film is shot at so many places as the story travels back in time a lot.

Do you feel that the co-stars in Kung Fu Yoga are encashing on Jackie Chan’s stardom?
Absolutely no. Jackie Chan is so huge and famous that anything around him becomes the news. So it is natural to grab headlines when one is working with him. There is no PR strategy in this. At the end of the day, everything that came out was true.

How well versed with Bollywood is Jackie?
He has the entire Tera Surroor album in his computer even though he doesn’t know Himesh Reshammiya. He told me that he like his songs a lot. He also talks about Aamir Khan very often. He’s met him too during the China premiere of PK.

Are you banking on Kung Fu Yoga after facing two failures in the past?
I have learned not to bank on films now [Laughs]. However, I think I am a little more confident about Kung Fu Yoga since it is an international film and has a bigger reach.

What went wrong with Mr. X despite having big names attached to it?
Either you like a film or you don’t. There’s nothing in the middle. I thought Mr. X would work well, but it didn’t and that’s the end of it.
You were not seen in any Bhatt films post Mr. X…
I have signed a three-film deal with them. So they will be calling me for the other two ventures in due time.

Do you regret making your debut with Issaq opposite Prateik (Babbar)?
Not at all. I obviously wanted it to work at the box office but it was unfortunate that it didn’t work. I believe that Issaq made me whatever I am today. Every film is made with its own fate.

Throw some light on your share of struggle after dropping from studies?
I come from a Parsi background. My father is a doctor and mother is a homemaker. I entered the world of modelling at the age of 16 but my parents put a deal that I would get into some other business if I don’t get good work by the age of 20. I used to go for a lot of auditions and it was my mother who’d submit my assignments in school (Laughs).

Being an outsider, how did you face the paparazzi?
I totally hate it. I don’t get why people want to get clicked constantly.

What are the pressures of being an actress?
It is expensive to be an actress. It is important to maintain your image in the industry. You have to look good also and sustain your job at the same time. Hiring a talent agency, stylist or a trainer isn’t really cheap.

Actors are often linked up with their co-actors, what is your take on this trend?
I was linked up with Prateik Babbar while promoting Issaq and my phone was flashing with so many messages and calls. I quickly read the newspaper and called my mother and surprisingly she was so calm about it. I really couldn’t believe how or why it became such a big deal.

So will you ever date an actor?
No, I’ll never date anyone from the industry. I want someone with whom I can talk something else, someone who is not the part of this industry. But that doesn’t mean I’ll have an arranged marriage either. I will take at least five years to date someone before deciding.

What is next after Kung Fu Yoga?
I did get an offer while shooting for Kung Fu Yoga but I had to say no since I had committed all my dates to this film. However, I am currently in talks to finalise a very interesting project but I don’t want to talk about it right now.

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