BPP Elections

Vote only for Armaity Tirandaz, requests Superstar Boman Irani

I have known the Tirandaz family for many years now being neighbours, I have had the good fortune to interact with late Rustom and Armaity Tirandaz on many occasions.

I endorse Armaity Rustom Tirandaz wholeheartedly and recommend her for BPP Trusteeship. She has worked I hard for over 45 years, helping the less fortunate in our community. Her background is not just that of a social worker; she is an intelligent, independent, thinking individual and I believe that the BPP will be more than well served with a lady of her strength of character, fair mindedness and dedication.

I feel this is about an honest woman’s life’s work, not just about an honest man’s wife. Being an animal lover myself, I have also seen the love with which she nurtures suffering animals in our area. Very few people I tin today’s world serve their community sincerely, without ulterior motives, and I believe that she emulates the same honest qualities of her late husband Rustom.

I truly hope the community will elect her once again so that she may have the opportunity to continue her good work. I also hope that she will have the opportunity to complete her dream project for the differently abled children in our community.

I wish her the very best for the future and look forward to seeing the day (April 10, 2010 when she is re-elected to her post as a BPP Trustee.

Warm Regards,
Boman Irani

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