How to drape a saree in Parsi style on Nowruz

What is the biggest Spring festival of India? Undoubtedly it is Holi. But do you know there are several other festivals celebrated during the Spring time in India? Yes, there are lots of festival celebrated during this time of the year. Other than Holi and Easter there are some not-so-popular festivals celebrated in India during the month of March. One such festival is the Parsi New Year celebration which is officially known as Nowruz.

jamshedi_nawruzNowruz is the name of Persian New year. The word literally means New Day. The day denotes the beginning of the spring in Northern Hemisphere. As soon as the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes day and night, the Parsi families from all over the world gathered together to enjoy the new year day and perform their religious rituals.

The Celebration
In India, the Parsi new year is celebrated as Jamshed Navroz by the Parsi community. The festival is celebrated on the first day of the first month of Fasli Calendar which is followed by the Parsis.

women-celebratingIn India, Navroz is celebrated with immense fun and excitement by the Parsi community. They perform special rituals and rites with full devotion on this particular day.

Food is one of the prime things of this day.

The most common dish which Parsis enjoy on this special day is chicken farcha. It is a typical Parsi dish of fried chicken. Among desert, they enjoy falooda desert and Lagan-nu-custard desert. The first one is a sweet milk dish made from vermicelli and rose essence and the second one is caramel custard.

The Attire
16dolly-ki-doli3Parsi women love to wear sarees with beautiful embroidery work. They generally prefer lightweight fabrics like georgette or chiffon.

The Parsi style of saree draping is slightly different from the traditional Indian saree draping style. It is simple yet elegant. Want to know how to drape a saree in Parsi style? Here you go:

  • Take the inner end of saree and wrap it around your waist anticlockwise.
  • Tuck the end into the petticoat at right waist.
  • Bring the outer end of the saree around waist anticlockwise and hold it with your right hand.
  • Throw outer inner-piece over right shoulder from back leaving right end forming a ‘v’ below the knee. Make pleats of remaining loose portion of saree.
  • Tuck into centre front waist leaving some portions free at left waist.
  • Hold outer end-piece in place with the brooch on the right shoulder.

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