BPP Elections

Why didn’t I resign with the other trustees in October 2015?

During the last election in 2015, I considered resigning and contesting with the rest allowing the BPP to save time and money. This would have ensured an election of 6 Trustees taking place at one tune. However, there were several reasons why I was compelled not to do the same:

I. As per the Election Scheme, to contest in an election in October would require a Trustee to resign 60 days before the date of the election. There needs to be a 60 day period between a vacancy and an election. That would have meant that I would have had to resign in August 2015 for an October election, vacating my post as Trustee. This would have also meant relinquishing more than 8 months of my existing term. Yet, I had in fact mentioned to the then Board of Trustees to allow my resignation to take effect from October with the rest of the Trustees whose term was ending) and hold an election for 6 seats simultaneously. Unfor-tunately, I was informed that such a resignation would not be accepted by the Board under the current Scheme.

Before uttering any important words I always seek the Almighty’s guidance, “Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao”.

II During the months of July/ August a valuable Trust asset – ‘The Parsi Lying in Hospital’ – was on the cusp of being given away for re-development in what has now proved to be a fraudulent transaction. All are aware that this matter is currently in the Supreme Court where I and Dinshaw Mehta hve gt a Stay Oder against the Dale en he atio nr of this property. At that juncture the then Board of Trustees, for reasons best known to themselves, were willing to alienate this property to a Developer without issuing a Public Notice. In fact, sometime in March 2015, the Managing Committee of the Hospital visited the BPP and agreed to match 5 points of the terms of the Breach Candy Hospital, which was refreshing news for us all as it meant greater benefit for the BPP. This was agreed upon by the Managing Committee and the Trustees of the BPP. However, the very next day, the Managing Committee appeared in court and made a submission that no such meeting with the BPP Trustees ever took place, which led to the Court passing orders accepting the consent terms signed by the majority Trustees who did not object to the blatant volte-face of the Managing Committee. I felt very betrayed by the Managing Committee, however keeping ego aside and on a point of principle we moved the Supreme Court to Stay the transaction, which was granted.

III. There was need for continuity on the BPP Board with only one of the old Trustees re-contesting. It was prudent for me to continue so that there was continuity on the Board. Today, as a Trustee, there are several issues, which require the input of myself and Yazdi to explain the rationale and reasoning behind the decisions of the earlier Trustees.

IV. The decision of whether or not Muncherji Cama continued as Trustee was to have concluded before the Charity Commissioner late last year and it was envisaged that the election for two Trustees would happen simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the case of Mr. Cama continues to be a stale-mate with no progress.

Service runs in my blood. For 45 years the Tirandaz family has believed in “Service before Self”. During my terms Trustee, I have started many a project, which are currently ongoing and which I wish to see to their fruitful end.
Projects like the Home for the differently able children of our community and the Jiyo Parsi Project are close to my heart. Today, the Board consists of experts in the field of trust management, development and finance. I strive to bring in the element of social service and benevolence to a Board ruled by men.
My contesting has never been dependent on who my fellow co-Trustees were, are or will be. My service to the com-munity and to this institution is independent of who serves along with me. I am a team player who works for what is correct and honest.
I owe no individual or Trustee anything and have no alliances with any group. I am an independent thinking individual on this current BPP Board, which is of most importance.

My intellect and unbiased approach will continue to allow the current Board to serve the community well.

Service Before Self.

Published in Jame-e-Jamshed