Fravahar Island In The Persian Gulf

The plan for building an artificial island in the shape of fravahar in the Persian Gulf is under completion. The agreed confirmation for this project has also been issued. This island is being built on a 6 million and two hundred thousand square meter land measuring 3×5 km.This island is located in front of the outskirts of the historical Siraf Harbour in the Bushehr province. This island includes Boarding and lodging sites,Hotels,University, Solar Energy Center ,Playground,A big cultural International Hall for cultural speech and conversations etc.

1-2Dr.Esfandiyar Ekhtiyari(The Iranian Zoroastrians MP) being the managerial member of this team informed us that in the near future the plan for this project which is being supervised by 60 executives will be executed after final analysis.This project being unique in its own kind will be displaying something of its own kind to the generations to come.

1This artificial island will be built in the Southern part of pars locality in the outskirts of the historical harbour of Siraf. Siraf being one of the oldest cities of the Bushehr province.Once this harbour was the host to big ships that arrived from main Iranian and MiddleEast harbours but due to earthquake and Tsunami in the spring of the year 398 Ghamari most of this harbour was destroyed and now the only remains show the Siraf Jame Mosque, the Nasuri Fort, Dakhme( The Zoroastrian Cemetary),and a market.

As per Iranian belief Fravahar is the part of every being and that it is with fravahar that we can enlighten our path towards development and that best light. Different parts of Fravahar have been explained as Follows

The Faravahar or Farohar is the spirit of human being that had been existed before his/her birth and will continue to exist after his/her death. It is to remind one of the purpose of life on this Earth, which is to live in such a way that the soul progresses spiritually and attains union with Ahura-Mazda (the Wise Lord); this state is called Frasho-kereti in Avesta.

The Fravahar’s face resembles the face of human being and therefore, indicates its connection to mankind. There are two wings which have three main feathers. These main feathers indicate three symbols of ‘good reflection,’ ‘good words,’ and ‘good deed,’ which are at the same time the motive of flight and advancement. The lower part of the Fravahar consists of three parts, representing ‘bad reflection,’ ‘bad words,’ and ‘bad deed’ which causes misery and misfortune for human beings.

There are two loops at the two sides of the Fravahar, which represent Sepanta Minu, and Angra Minu. The former is directed toward the face and the latter is located at the back. This also indicates that we have to proceed toward the good and turn away from bad. The circle in the middle of the Fravahar’s trunk indicates that our spirit is immortal, having neither a beginning nor an end.

One hand of the Fravahar points upwards, showing that we have to struggle to thrive. The other hand holds a ring. Some interpreters consider that as the ring of covenant, representing loyalty and faithfulness which is the basis of Zarathustra’s philosophy.

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