Remembering Persis

Ever since the news that Priyanka Chopra was going to present an Oscar this year was announced, there has been a groundswell of emotion building up for the late model and actress Persis Khambatta, who had been called upon to do the honours way back in the early eighties, after her Hollywood outing in Star Trek.

What was so utterly charming about the statuesque Parsi dikri, was that besides looking drop dead glamorous in a futuristic black gown, she’d made the announcements in unmistakable Mumbai patios — none of that faux American whirring and slurring fake accent for this true blue Mumbaikar.

Will Piggy Chops conduct herself with as much elan? And more importantly, will she spend a nano-second acknowledging her Indian predecessor, when the world’s spotlight is on her?

Published on Mid-Day