Navi Mumbai Dongarwadi Issue

From Rayomand Zaiwalla

A shocking news has just come out in open. The Reformist Lobby is planning to shift the 700 year old Doongaji Agiary by a car from His original place of worship at the Banks of the River Narmada at Bharuch, to the newly built Vashi Agairy. Even more shocking is the secret plans of the Reformist Lobby to slowly make the Vashi Agiary accessible to all Non- Zorastrians . The neighboring Mosque , is trying to buy the Doongaji Agairy property unsuccessfully for the last 25 years. Now their dreams are coming true. Apart from destroying the power of the Holy Fire enthroned at Bharuch for last 700 years, the reformist Lobby are trying to bring the Holy Atash Padshah to Vashi and converting it into a Universal Agiary for all.

In 2005, a small miracle took place in Doongaji Agairy in Bharuch unknown to all of us. The Lightening from the sky entering the Holy Sanctum and touched the Holy Fire. The marks of Lightning entering the Holy Sanctum Sanctorioum is even today visible to all worshipers.

The Trustees of the Bharuch Parsi Panchayet who are also the Trustees of Doongaji Agairy, are also helping the Reformist Lobby to quietly shift the Holy Fire.

Pass this message on to every Zorastrian so that everybody is aware of the Secret Plans of the Reformist Lobby to desecrate the Holy Doongaji Atash Padshah and creating a Universal Agairy at Vashi .