Necessity of children amongst intellectual community

Presently there is a section of brilliant officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) which avoid marrying and having children considering themselves like being ‘wed’ to their service.

It is indeed praiseworthy to be so much dedicated to the nation through their devotion to service. But practically speaking it is social and personal need of intellectuals including IAS officers to transmit their genes by marrying and having at least some children preferably two irrespective of being daughter or son.

Even Indian government and society is much worried about fast declining population of world’s most intelligent Parsi community mainly because of their living for the society and not for themselves wherein many members of Parsi community either do not marry or marry so late as not able to have child.
Similarity does exist amongst thinking of Parsi community and intellectuals including brilliant officers in respect of no-child theory. Central government should induce some psychological course in training of IAS officers at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (Mussoorie) where they may be educated against having a no-child theory.

Practical experience reveals that intellectuals having adopted no-child theory had to repent later on their unwise and unpractical decision!

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