Open Letter From Mr. Adi M.J. Maneckshaw

Dear Editor,
Nice article on Panchgani & Mahableswar .
The article brought back some good old memories of those two areas. I was educated in Panchgani, in Billimoria High School close to sixty years ago. After graduating went to Nawrozji wadia College & came to USA to study engineering . During Vietnam volunteered my services to US Army in R&D during that period. Later worked for US Military for 35 years. They put me through Mgmt . School, Law school (JD ) and engineering energy mgmt. school. Retired in 2003 and worked as a consultant until 2008. We now reside in DE.
My core training of independence, self reliability & drive to achieve success comes from Panchgani , Billimoria High Scool& thanks to Billimorias & their educators.
I would appreciate if you could publish this letter of appreciation for Billimorias , since I have no other means to contact them & thank them.
Thanks Johbawa

Adi M.J. Maneckshaw