Mumbai: Parsi Lying in Hospital remake falls through

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) trustees may have approached the charity commissioner to speed up day to day affairs of the Punchayet, but one of the more talked about project has fallen flat. The agreement to to redevelop Parsi Lying In Hospital in Fort into super specialty 120-bed hospital open to other communities as well has been terminated. Krimson Health Ventures Private Limited which was to develop it cited the fighting between the trustees for the same. It was to invest Rs125 crore to make it into a super specialty hospital. In poor condition, the hospital is in disuse. It was mainly used for child births. “Two groups of trustees are fighting each other. We have been caught in between. This has been going on for last five years. We have already waited and one of the trustees have now gone to Supreme Court. We cannot wait endlessly,” said Dr Prakash Khubchandani, director of Krimson.

“The hospital was to be redeveloped completely. Leading doctors were involved and it was to be state of the art orthopedic center. It is unfortunate that all leading doctors could not waste more time and decided to terminate the agreement. Only Dinshaw objected. They felt that they have already waited for five years and may have to wait longer. They should now get an offer as good as Krimson. That will be their real test,” said Yezdi Bhagwagar, member of the managing committee of Parsi Lying In Hospital Charitable Trust.

Dinshaw Mehta, former chairman of the Punchayet who has challenged the deal in the SC said, “Two groups have been fighting since 2013. How is it that when SC is ceased of the matter and bound to scrutinise the lease agreement and passed strictures they think of terminating the agreement. The wording of the letter clearly states that it is drafted by Yezdi who feared embarrassment of the high profile doctors if SC passed strictures. Hence they felt it is better to terminate the agreement than face embarrassment. They talk of transparency and accountability then they should also do something about it. There was not transparent procedure followed in this agreement.”
Yazdi Desai, present chairman of the BPP could not be contacted.

Published on DNA