Nowroze Baug Play Centre honours Dinshaw Tamboly

Dinshaw Kaiki Tamboly needs no introduction to the Parsis of India and to the Zoroastrian diaspora worldwide. An amazing visionary, thought and action leader and champion of the poor, Dinshawji and his wife Bachi have both served the Parsi community for years and they continue to do so even today.

The Navroze Baug Play Center at its 70th anniversary celebration on November 7th, 2015 felicitated Dinshawji and acknowledged his services to the community.

Below is a video that was shown at the time of the award ceremony. Leading luminaries of the community talk about their associations with Dinshawji.

Dinshawji has been a great friend of Parsi Khabar and we congratulate him and Bachi for this felicitation and take their work and life as inspiration for all we do.

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