The Z Factor Exhibition by Zerbanoo Gifford

2The amazing Zerbanoo Gifford has put together the Z Factor exhibition and has kindly shared the panels with us. She writes

The Z Factor Exhibition celebrates some amazing Zoroastrians. They are the followers of Zoroaster, the first prophet to teach the path of Asha, the Way of Righteousness, that there is One God, and that Good would eventually triumph over Evil.

Zoroastrianism is the ancient faith of Iran, and one of the great religions of the classical world. It links eastern and western faiths. Sharing common origins with Hinduism, it had a formative influence on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Today there are 100,000 Zoroastrians worldwide and their numbers are declining.

Like the panda, they are an endangered species!

A preservation order should be placed on them, if only to protect their originality, generosity and eccentric lifestyles. Zoroastrians have impacted on our lives and have left extraordinary legacies, not just for their own community but for everyone.

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