Police give clean report to Dinshaw Mehta – for a second time!

dinshaw-mehtaThe 4 majority Trustees had complained to the Economic Offenses Wing. in November 2013 alleging mis-appropriation of Rs. 20/- lakhs transfer fees of tenancy of premises in Dadi House. After detailed investigation EOW issued a letter in December 2013 to Yazdi Desai that there was no merit in their complaint and no case was made out by him against Dinshaw Mehta.

Khojeste Mistree filed a fresh complaint in January 2014 in the Ballard Pier 38th Magistrate’s Court seeking inquiry on the same cause of action of Dadi House tenancy. The Magistrate forwarded the complaint to the Senior Inspector of MRA Marg Police Station for investigation and report.

After a detailed inquiry with most of the BPP staff including the retired staff, the incoming and outgoing tenant, all the Trustees,-the Senior Inspector has forwarded a 150 page exhaustive report to the Magistrate’s Court totally exonerating Dinshaw Mehta of any wrong doing.

The report that has now been made available to us is lying in the Court since May 2015. On the dates of hearing of 25 June, 28 July and 9 September 2015, Complainant Khojeste Mistree deliberately remained absent so that no action of disposal of the complaint could be taken by the Magistrate and in this way have the sword of “Investigation Pending” over the head of Dinshaw Mehta and continue to politicize the fabricated allegations. These fabricated transfer charges are still being trotted before our Auditors due to which our Audit and filing of Income Tax Returns is held up for last 2 years.

It is time that personal enmity is kept aside in the larger interest of the community and the false and baseless allegations be stopped so that the community benefit is restored and the standstill of all BPP activities is put to an end.