Goolrukh Vispi Buhariwala (Nee Gutta)


By Mrs Goolrukh Vispi Buhariwala (Nee Gutta) – An Ordinary and common Zoroastrian, next door – Contestant for the post of a Trustee for Bombay Parsee Panchayat.

Trustees-The word itself is Petrifying for an ordinary Zoroastrian. But according to me the other word for a Trustee is a “Caretaker” of someone else’s moveable and immoveable assets. They are definitely not the owners, so we do not have to be scared of them.

Dear Readers as I am contesting for BPP elections, I would like to give you some information regarding myself. I am a Commerce graduate. I have worked in a Medical organisation for 30 years (10 years with one of the top most hospital in Mumbai and 20 years with a reputed Diagnostic Centre). I am an Honorary Girl Guide Captain (Teacher) associated with a very prestigious Parsee School from where I studied ever since I was a student till date. Have been awarded The Presidents’ Gold Cord Award by the then President of India Mr Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy at 16 years of age. In the year 2007, I was one of the two Parsee Girl Guide Captain from all over the world who was selected in the International Service Team from Maharashtra to represent India at the 21st World Scout Jamboree (International Centenary Celebration at Chelmsford London, United Kingdom). 40,000 Scouts and Guides from 138 countries participated and only two Parsee Guides were selected to meet the Chief Guest. We were also invited to visit the Buckingham Palace. I have one of the most prestigious collections for Guiding Movement which is referred as “Pride of our Country”. I have received many accolades for the same from our state and country. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has great regards and respect for me and she and her secretary have a regular correspondence with me. For these achievements one has to go through a very hard, rigorous, meticulous and truthful training in educational field and learn to be a Silent Worker for the betterment of humanity. The said training starts at 13 years of age. One should have the inner inclination and dedication to help others for which age does not matter. The word Guide itself means “A Path Finder”.

My main aim for this contest is that I want to open the gates and make a road which never ends and encourages more of our Zoroastrians to stand as a candidate in the upcoming years for the benefit of our community, without a fear and hatred for this post. I feel more women should take charge in this matter as they are excellent “Administrative Ministers”. Along with educational knowledge, practical experience and those who are the sufferers should take part and try to overcome these problems. I maybe a fresher and may not be highly recognized personality in our community but I have the inclination and I have worked in the administrative work in my area since several years and would like to do something good for our community. With experienced caretakers/trustees a fresher with better and new ideas should be encouraged. One thing that I can rest assure is that I am a very firm and a determined lady in taking correct, straight forward and truthful decisions and would never compromise with my principles. No one can pressurise me for any wrong work however influential that person may be or even if they are known to me. Whoever knows me, can vouch for my this quality. If given an opportunity I will definitely prove myself to be a hardworking and an honest worker. I always believe that instead of complaining on our downfalls, solving them is more challenging. I would be open to suggestions and take advice from each faculty as they know their field of work far better. For example, a priest knows more about Agyaries and religion, who shall be a better person to guide than a pallbearer for our sacred Dokhmenashini. Senior Citizens can definitely give their ideas for their old age facilities. Teachers and Doctors are the main hands and milestones of our life and I would definitely take their advice if they help me with my work. Instead of only saving our property I would rather think of expanding it with the help of Financial and Legal advisors.

All good hearted Zoroastrians, I really do not understand the whole procedure of this election or selection system. When our community is so small and every Zoroastrian claims that ours is the most ancient, prestigious and superior community in the world then why is each and every person trying to prove themselves as the best and making so much noise and chaos for just a post.

Why is there so much waste of money, when there is so much of inflation, corruption, unemployment, shortage of natural reserves, terrorism, fatal diseases coming up? Is it necessary to show off the qualities within you by incurring so heavy expenses? It is a shame that by putting messages and giving information about our financial losses and declaring our disloyalty towards our community, we are not showing our concern but we are reflecting our setbacks to every other community in the world. I feel our ancestors must be cursing us by giving us so much of luxuries. Is it the “EXCESS” which has made us such a bad human being? Our community is very lucky that our ancestors have left us with so much of abundant facilities. We should be highly thankful to them for all these readily available surroundings we are offered. I think that from the time a Zoroastrian child is born he/ she is told what is his/ her Blood Group, G6PD and how much is their inherited unearned ancestral and forefathers’ excellent ready to use property in the form of Baugs, Schools, Hospitals etc. Instead parents should teach and inculcate their child to become one more Dr. Homi J. Bhabha (Scientist) or one Mr. Sorabji Pochkhanawala and Pherozeshah Mehta (founders of Central Bank of India) or one Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw (Army Officer) or one Dr. Rustom B. Billimoria (founder of Bel-Air Hospital for tuberculosis in Panchgani). Even if we get one of each great personality, one would make our community, our society, our country and the world proud of us. Teach them to utilise these good treasures for their better future and for that, good and efficient “Caretakers” are very essential. My message to the youngsters, “Let’s make an umbrella of efforts with the knowledge from the new and guidance from the old generation to protect and expand our community from Ants to Elephants”. Understand the Power of our Prayers, learn to respect every religion but to firmly believe and adore only our religion. I have been taught that never have eyes on someone else’s property, but at the same time never allow anyone to take away my rightful possessions. I feel that if someone has done wrong with us then we are equally responsible and punishable for allowing them to do so.

“It is the faith, support and strength from my husband, parents, brother, daughters, relatives, in-laws, family, neighbours, my teacher, my employers, friends and well-wishers who have confidence in me and my dedication for work, as I have always stood like a rock for them all these years and now they feel that it is my duty to devote my coming life for the betterment of our community.” For me this small world of mine makes my entire canvassing for this post. I really value my hard earned money and believe in utilizing in right ways. My parents always said, “Be Happy if you Get. Be Happier if you do not Get”. It is for my well-wishers to decide what is good for me. If I Win, I would be on the Answering side, and if I Lose, I would be on the Questioning side. So for me working for the good of the community is more important rather than to worry about the post.

I wish I had the properties of “An Alum” and could save my Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda’s community. I always feel why think small and work only for the community, why not make the whole Universe worth the living as that would be The God’s most prestigious gift back to Him from mankind. Let’s not talk about today and tomorrow, let’s think of an ultimate goal and for that each voter before they fill in the ballot paper ask yourself, do I really have the knowledge of voting the right person, who can take care of our forefathers’ treasure sincerely? Since it is fully the decision of my Zoroastrians via votes, to give me the permission and authority to work on their behalf, I have no right to make any promises and commitments till they select me as their caretaker/trustee.

Learn to say Thank-You atleast once a day to anyone, life would be much satisfied. After reading this article, even if one word has proved to be good for my community, then it’s worth writing. If you wish kindly forward this article to other fellow community members as well.

If any needy person from any community needs any help and if its within my reach, please feel free to text me on +91 9920117005 or can e-mail me on

Accept my apology if knowingly or unknowingly have hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments.


Goolrukh Vispi Buhariwala (Nee Gutta)