250th Anniversary of the Navsari Atashbehram

Over the weekend the Navsari Atashbehram celebrated the 250th Salgreh (anniversary) of its establishment.








3-1Navsari is all decked up to celebrate 250th anniversary of one of the oldest religious places of Parsi community in the country.




3-2The Navsari Atash Behram – fire temple – will be completing 250 years on Saturday and Parsis in large number from all over India have gathered in the city. All organizations run by the community have been decorated with flowers and lights. “Navsari played an important role in Zoroastrian history of India. The Iranshah – The Holy Fire – currently at Udwada was in Navsari for over 200 years.


Later, it was shifted to Udwada. During those 200 years, Parsi community flourished in Navsari,” said Kersi Deboo, director, Gujarat Minorities Development Corporation. The Atash Behram currently located at Tarota Bazaar, a peaceful Parsi locality, is bursting with activity for last couple of days. Over 2,000 Parsis from across India have joined the local population of nearly 500 Parsis to celebrate the 250 years of Atash Behram. The fire temple – Agiyari – was developed after the Iranshah was shifted to Udwada. Navsari also played important role in contributing legends like Jamshedji Tata. The ancestral home of the Tata family is few metres away from the Atash Behram. A slew of events including cultural and religious are planned here. After ‘jashan’ in the morning, Parsis will gather at Atash Behram to offer sandalwood to the holy fire.

“A series of cultural events will showcase the Parsi culture. Known cultural artist Rumi Bariya has planned the events and people from the community will join,” added Deboo. “Prayers will be performed in the presence of high priest Kaikhushroo Meherji Rana and some other high priests from across India have come here,” said Deboo.

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