Vancouver Withdraws from Hosting 2017 North American Zoroastrian Congress

The Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia (ZSBC) has regrettably had to withdraw from hosting the 2017 North American Zoroastrian Congress.

The Board of Directors thanks Mrs. Katayun Kapadia, President, and Mr. Bomi Patel, FEZANA Congress Chair, for their support and valuable advice during this whole period of our decision making.

More importantly, ZSBC’s Board appreciates the hard work and dedication of the Executive Committee and volunteers of NAZC2017/3755Z who spared no effort to try and meet the requirements of the larger community interests. Thank you sincerely.

Here below is the message sent out by FEZANA’s President to the community.

4“ZSBC has stated: ‘As we have explained, the NAZC2017 Executive Committee had made a decision (based on a couple of surveys) to have the 2017 Congress on a cruise ship. Much work went in to this, especially by our young adults. However, subsequently it has been felt that with the large number of seniors and children we have in our community, it would perhaps be better if we had a congress in Vancouver in a hotel. Since 2017 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, and July 1 is Canada Day, getting suitable hotel space in downtown Vancouver will not be possible at a reasonable price as celebrations will abound throughout the summer and beyond. In order to have sufficient time to plan a land congress at a reasonably priced venue and particularly because ZSBC will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, we are requesting FEZANA to let us postpone the Congress to 2018.’

FEZANA has informed the ZSBC President and Congress Committee Chair that it will not be possible to give them the Congress in 2018 at this point in time, since that is the year that the World Zoroastrian Congress (WZC) will be held. The 2018 World Zoroastrian Congress (WZC) is waiting to be reallocated by the Global Working Group (GWG) at their meeting in December 2015. So, FEZANA will not be able to confirm NAZC 2018 allocation until January 2016. If FEZANA is allocated WZC in 2018 then they will combine NAZC and WZC in 2018 to avoid duplication, if at all possible. Then we can bid the host of NAZC and WZC in 2018.

Best regards,