BPP Elections

Youth Perspective: The Role Of a BPP Trustee

By Ayesha Z. Mehta

Through the course of time, our lives have been bettered by the existence of “role models”. We find them in family, friends and sometimes even in ourselves. They exhibit strength of character, honesty, compassion, charisma, charity and so on. These are the qualities we expect of the BPP trustees in ten-folds. They are to be the leaders – the role models of the community. Here are a few points which, in my opinion, would make a BPP trustee one that the entire community would be proud to stand behind:

1. Neutral
A BPP trustee should not represent any associations or industries with which the BPP deals directly or indirectly. They must be no conflict of interest and they must conduct all their dealings with integrity and transparency.

2. Youth
One of the biggest problems in the community today, is marriage outside the religion. The root of this problem can be traced back to the unavailability of good education to the not so academically inclined. Despite being only 0.006% of the Indian Population, we are not considered a minority (in relation to admissions and academics). We require reservations for education at least in parsi-endowed institutions. I’m not implying that our youth does not possess intelligence, but in a world where St. Xaviers closed at 97.2% (Arts), I’m sure our stressed-wracked youth and parents wouldn’t mind that extra aid.

3. Qualified
A BPP trustee must be learned in every aspect that requires administration. He must hold his own and possess wits, intelligence and administrative intellect that can only lead us to greatness. They must have served in a similar capacity and must be able to exceptionally manage the trust funds.

4. Property
Along with being the role models of our community, they are the caretakers of the land we own, the caretakers of our heritage. Be it the doongarwadi, unoccupied property or areas of residence. It’s maintenance, restoration and betterment is a crucial fundamental duty of a BPP trustee

5. Issues Raised by the Community
The best part about the Zoroastrian community is that we get to elect our own role models. They are, for all means and purposes, by the people- for the people- and of the people. It would, thus, be extremely disheartening if after all the trust through the election process, our own problems and issues were to be neglected.

6. Accountability
The leaders of our community must be held accountable for the decisions made by the committee as well as themselves and not stoop to play the blame game. It is imperative for them to realize that “With great power comes great responsibility” Not one that they can use, manipulate and hide behind.

7. Religious Decisions
Why is religion confusing? -Because every second person tells us something completely contradictory to what we’ve heard before. Not even superheroes can know everything. And, in my opinion, adding religious decisions to the ‘to-do’ list of the BPP trustees may be adding too much to a plate that’s already pretty full. Dear trustees, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Our community already has people qualified greatly in the field of Zoroastrianism and ethics. They’re more than enough equipped to deal with our tough religious decisions. They’re called Dasturjis. Lets just leave the decisions relating to religion onto these wise men.

We’re not expecting Miracles, dear trustees; we understand you’re just human. We’re only expecting the best that you can give us. We’ll elect you with trust, pride and a whole lot of faith. All we ask in return is that you don’t slander the name of a community, which was once the prime of India’s development.
“All Wounds Leave Scars.” Be role models- not scars in the history of our community.