Ashoi Dantra- Winner Of Title World Teen Supermodel India 2018

I am a Parsi girl from Mumbai, who is hardworking, beautiful and confident. These qualities of mine led me to win the WORLD TEEN SUPERMODEL INDIA 2018 title in the recently concluded World Supermodel India platform. This is how my journey has been!

I have modelled for 15 years now, doing various garments like Pantaloons, Levi’s, And Brand Ambassador for 2 years for Tiny Girl and Crossword Bookstore…Tata, Vodafone , Britannia, Go colors, Vijay Sales Tvc with Actor Jim Sarbh. I have also done more than 75 Tvc, 2 serials. Gumrah-Full one hour episode And karan and Kabir..
2 movies (Guru-Aishwarya & Abhishek & Help movie-Bobby Deol n Mugda Godse.
ashoiWhen I received my first official email from the World Supermodel Team, I was beyond happy. I was ecstatic and had no idea what was coming up, I never knew how huge this would impact my life.

Initially, I was preparing myself mentally and physically for the pageant and about a month prior to the competition, I learnt that we had a two bootcamp in Khandala.

When I met my co-contestants I was overjoyed to see how friendly and comfortable they were. Everyone was from different parts of India- some from Ludhiana, a few from Delhi, etc. Everyone got along well and we had fun together.

The two days in Khandala were filled with photo shoots, CrossFit sessions and grooming sessions. Our days were full of activities and by the end of the day, we were all waiting to hit the sack!

The finalists went to Lonavala for a boot camp where we had various photo shoots, grooming sessions. I learnt what it takes to be a model and now that I think of it, the first thing that comes to my mind is, discipline. Being Disciplined gives you an oomph factor wherever you go, whatever you do. Whether it is eating, being on time or the way you walk and talk, everything must have discipline to it and that is what will give you an edge.

On the final day, I prepped myself up with a pep talk to myself. I told myself that if I could make it to the Top 20 out of the 1200 contestants, I could also win it. I gave my 100% on stage and I was happy for that.
When the time came to announce the winners, I wished everyone a silent a good luck. After all the sub titles were given, I stood there: nervous and anxious as to what would happen next. And surely, when my name was announced as World Teen Supermodel India, my happiness grew beyond control and I looked at my parents in the crowd. I looked at my very happy parents and saw my father giving me a thousand-watt smile with a thumbs up while mother was crying tears of happiness and looked at me with a smile and said “I knew it”

To win a national pageant gives you a sense and feeling of pride you cannot imagine. I feel happy enough to tell people about it, humble enough to not boast about it and yet responsible enough to learn from the mistakes I made, better them and prepare myself for the international pageant.

World supermodel has helped me become the confident girl that I am today and I am truly privileged to have been a part of a platform like that. Winning the title of World Teen Supermodel India has given me a sense of pride and responsibility It is an absolute honour to represent such a vast, beautiful, multicultural country and I look forward to giving my best at the 11th Annual World Supermodel platform in November at Vietnam…
This would not have been possible without the massive efforts and supports of my parents – Ruksshana and Burzein, my sister Anaushka and my brother Keyan. They have been extremely supportive, specially my mother Ruksshana who’s efforts are commendable and who supports me in every step of the way!
It was a moment of Pride and joy when I was called as A Chief Guest in Christ Church School For Interschool  Event Rochak where 22 schools had participated.

I’m available for Appearances in Events, Shows, Weddings, Contract Shoots, Jewellery, Couture, Fashionshow And International Branding.

Ashoi’s Motto-With the right amount of confidence, I believe I can set the World Ablaze..