BPP Elections


The BPP, a charitable trust deals in issues of housing and financial welfare schemes for the poor, needy, ailing and aged.

Trustees of the BPP have a lot of discretionary powers. They, in their selective wisdom decide who is ‘deserving’ and who is not. They decide who needs to be ‘punished or reprimanded’ for speaking against them and who should be given a palatial flat despite having ownership flats in their name.

The previous Boards despite their differences, never mistreated beneficiaries. The previous Boards was not vindictive against beneficiaries. Sadly, this cannot be said of the current board.

Today, the biggest fear of the beneficiaries is that of being evicted from their homes on frivolous and petty grounds – simply because certain Trustees do not like you. This has led to beneficiaries living in constant fear.

If you talk ill about certain Trustees, you get threatening phone calls from them.

If you are seen endorsing a candidate who isn’t the Chairman’s wife, you get calls to show cause why you should not be evicted from your BPP home

If you pen an article in a newspaper not owned by a trustee – you have eviction suits filed against you or your family members

If you try to do good for the community, you have pseudo authors writing ill about you and your family in the two papers owned by one Trustee.

Our community is known to be brave and tolerant. However, using the power of might – certain trustees are misusing their authority and instilling fear in the lives of beneficiaries. Logically no beneficiary wants to take on the Trustees at the risk of losing their home. Our community is in an era where we constantly feel like Big Brother is Watching You.

Hence, I pray to each and every one of you. Today, we are given the opportunity to vote in secret where these Trustees will not know in whose favour the vote has been cast.

Vote freely – Vote wisely – Vote without fear for in the voting room, big brother is not watching you.