My once fellow trustees,

noshir-dI am aware that the scheme of election states that a letter of this nature should be addressed to “the chairman”. But, sorry that is a position he holds by “default” (senior most) and not because he deserves it. This is not the first time that he has humiliated me in from of others including staff and the trustees. His high-handed, arbitrary actions are by now well-known to everybody.

I gave my self enough time to cool off after yesterday’s circus, however when this morning I read a series of mails to me by a once close friend and colleague who I once enormously respected writing to me as “Mr. Dadrawala” with a series of allegations, half-truth and falsehoods, I realized why Julius Caesar cried ‘et tu Brutus” when Brutus drove his dagger into Carsar’s heart. I am no Caesar and nor is this colleague of mine a Brutus, but as Mark Anthony would say, “they are all, all honorable men”!

I have been observing the politics and intrigues for a long, long time. I have tried to strike the balance. However, most on this Board are carrying old baggage with soiled linen raising a stink which is making me sick — very, very sick!

There is no time management. Sitting for meetings till 12.30 am is not something to gloat about. It indicates total lack of time management skills on part of the chairman who cannot control warring colleagues.

Good Governance is a joke. There is a system laid down for trustees wanting to study files, but the Chairman is not only exempt but happily takes and keeps files and papers at home and the “righteous ones” seem o.k. with that.

This Board takes one step forward and four steps backward. Politics, pure and shameless politics is the order of the day. There is total lack of professionalism. It is a rule of “Might is Right” and no respect or room for alternate opinion. It is my way or the highway!

There can never be progress with a Board that is so opinionated, arrogant, egoistic and divided.

I know many will be quick to say, “stay in and fight”? The question is fight whom? Friends? Enemies? Colleagues? The whole system has gone to seed with dirty politics and intrigue!

Others will be quick to say, “why run away”. The fact is what would you do if you find yourself amid a pack of vicious wolves? Befriend them? Sit with them? or move away while you still can?

I re-contested in 2015 to give my very best ,one last time with a new team. But, it was a huge mistake on my part. This Board is just as bad as the previous one, perhaps much worse! It is beyond redemption.

My apologies to all those who may feel let down. But, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches and uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

I am not running away. But, I am certainly making myself loud and clear. I was, I am and will stand indebted to no one. I think independently, I speak independently and I will act independently. I will not allow men of straw to insult me in front of others nor will I let others intimidate me into silence.

If my independent stand has irked some, too bad. Like I told the Board in 2012, I may sit with you over meetings but ultimately I have to sleep with my conscience!

Sorry, but I see no purpose in my continuing with a Board which is only keen to score political brownie points!

Goodbye and God Bless all those who will henceforth be foolish enough continue or enter this cesspool of bitterness, politics and personal intrigues!

Noshir H. Dadrawala