Zoroastrians renew pledge of love, coexistence in sacred ceremony

Zoroastrians gathered in a sacred cave in Kurdistan’s mountains near Sulaimani to celebrate their faith and renew their pledge of love and coexistence.

Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion which grew to popularity in present-day Iran and some parts of Iraq and then spread to the rest of the world. Kurds largely practiced Zoroastrianism before adopting Islam.

Zoroastrians are best known by their religious motto “Good Thoughts, Good Acts, and Good Deeds.” They believe in one God, that the world is divided between the good, represented by fire or light in their rituals, and the devil, and a day of judgement.

It is considered one of the smallest religions in the world, but those in Kurdistan say their numbers are growing, though some keep it a secret out of fear.

Christians, Yazidis, religious clerics, and representatives of the Ministry of Religious Affairs attended the ceremony, reiterating the value placed on religious coexistence in the Kurdistan Region.

Published on Rudaw