Kayoze Irani directs his father Boman Irani for an ad film

He started off as an assistant director on Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012), and made his acting debut with Student of the Year (2012). Now, we have learnt that Boman Irani’s son, Kayoze Irani, has directed an ad film (for a cooking oil brand) that stars his father. Boman says, “It was a pleasure to see Kayoze and his team run the set with a lot of efficiency.”

Ask Boman how excited he was to see his son directing him, and he says, “I was the actor, and he was the director, and it should be treated like that. In fact, I got the job because of Kayoze, since the oil company is his client. The moment I started feeling like his father, the dynamics changed. So, I forgot about it after 10 minutes. Kayoze had a vision; he had a job to complete,” says Boman.

Kayoze called him ‘sir’ throughout the shoot. Boman feels his son “has got his finger on the button in terms of storytelling, editing and humour”. “I am the last person who will say, ‘I have some fatherly advice for you.’ That’s the worst thing to do on a set,” says the actor, adding that his son has written a few film scripts as well. “I am very proud of Kayoze. He is also a great scriptwriter. When I listen to his stories and the way he comes up with scenes, it makes me very happy,” Boman adds.

Published on Hindustan Times

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